Our Love Story

Story about True Love between Meta and Harry

Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Long time no posting

Minggu, 23 September 2012

Remember our dream can be true !

We decide to buy new couple smartphone on December 2012.
Of course, with our own money.

This smartphone we want :
We decide M will use white one, and H will use black one

you can imagine, how much we earn a month for buy this ?
yes, so many.. we effort and never forget to pray..

Meta tread online business and Harry do another business..
We know how hard we save, we delay our eat time.
We work 24/7. We save money and delete unnecessary wants.
And the last, we pray to God, hope He will grant our wish. 
We hope we can buy this December.
Amin !

Sabtu, 01 September 2012

One Rose for/from My Only One Love

August 25th, 2012
'cause I will sick, if you are sick'
'people will think we are exaggerate, but it's our perspective'
'sometimes you feel something that hard to explain by the word or act'
'One Rose'
'I hope you will get well soon, dear !' Harry whisper to me.

First, he want to massage my shoulder
Then, he give me back hug
Finally, he give me one red rose

After that, he shy, cause it is his first time give flower to the girl.
He hide behind me, hide his face too.
I smile every time while stare at the rose, and say Thank you so much.

Next morning, I take a picture and edit in android application.